Hello!  I’m Gin and welcome to my Sacramento kitchen and winery!

Gin’s Kitchen emerged out of necessity.  Friends and family and I swap recipes resulting in a personal cookbook that keeps growing.  Stuffed inside this stash are good-time gatherings, scribbled notes from quickly-spouted recipes, and “someday”  hopes of beautiful food clipped from magazines and newspapers.  Finding a particular recipe to share isn’t so easy; the bulging files need some clutter control.

Gin’s Kitchen is an organized (rescued!) and accessible way to share this eclectic collection.  You’ll see cookie recipes, lots of them, especially during the winter holidays.  There’s Mom’s home-style Cantonese dishes and regional treats from her childhood.  You’ll also hear a bit of wine making talk and a lot of talk about baking sourdough bread and playing with wild yeast.  I hope some of my favorites also become yours.

Life is delicious!  Thanks for  joining me here and on facebook at Gin’s Kitchen!


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