Make Wine That You’ll Drink

Something caught my eye as I walked into the winery yesterday.  Was that a burp going up an airlock? [click to continue…]


Wine making is akin to rearing children.  The goal is the same but the paths are many.

After the crush and the journey home, the crushed grapes now called must, start their 48-hour cold soak.  Decreasing the must temperature to 55-59º F helps keep the bacterial and wild yeast count low.  This “suspended state” also provides additional time for the raisiny berries to release their sugars and gives the juice additional contact time with the skins. [click to continue…]

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We couldn’t have asked for a better grape growing year than 2012.  Sure, winter and spring were dryer than “normal” and may have necessitated increased irrigation; however, the trade-off was just the type of summer that grapes thrive in – steady heat with no surprises like snow, hail or rain.  Follow the hot months with an equally warm September and the grapes coasted to just the desired balance of sugars and acids.

The annual trek to Alexander Valley for Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes starts early.   [click to continue…]



Successful wine making starts with the very best – the finest grapes you can find, tried and true wine making techniques, and most importantly,  good friends who are crazier about wine making than you.  Mix in unwavering passion along with beer (it takes a lot of beer to make good wine), and you have the formula for some awesome wine that you’ll enjoy for several years.


“The grapes are ready when the grapes are ready.”

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