springerle-v3If you are intrigued with self-frosting Anise Platzchen, the light and crisp anise-flavored German cookies, then you may just fall in love again with springerle (SPRING-ur-luh), a traditional European cookie that is often spiced with anise. [click to continue…]



Dutch Baby, Bismark Pancake, German Pancake –  no matter what you call them, these giant [click to continue…]


Steak Kow

September 30, 2016

in Cook What You Like, Main Dishes

Kow Yuk

“Wok hay” translates to “breath of the wok” and Steak Kow is a simple stir-fry dish that depends on wok hay to [click to continue…]

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The next time you find yourself behind a long line of traffic inching through the Napa Valley on Highway 12,  take a break and explore one of St. Helena’s hidden secrets.   [click to continue…]


Jalapeno Pepper JamEarly September – what’s growing in your garden?  [click to continue…]



Sourdough BaguettesWild yeast is holding me hostage.  It’s making me bake the most intriguing  (and good tasting) breads I could ever imagine, and I don’t want to stop.

Red Quinoa Sourdough, wild yeast, levain, natural yeast. The beasties are known by many names.


Wild yeast grow a lot.  They want to be fed often.  They can get out of control fast.  Yet, they make you wait.  Anticipation of a pending bake has taken over nights of sweet somber.


Their rogue ways require patience.  They’ll teach you to understand them.

Hurricane BouleYou’ll smile when they perform.

Bacon Onion Cranberry SourdoughThe wild yeast bread chase:  undeniable tang and flavors from long fermentations.  Shattering crust.  Moist open crumb.

Intrigued?jalapeno cheese sourdoughJust a little more time and another hundred loaves to polish techniques and we’ll journey together.

The wild beasties will capture you.

Stay tuned.


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