Shrimp Corn Cakes II

Summer - how hot does it get in your part of the world?

The sun is setting. Imagine the car’s air conditioner not working so you’re driving with the car windows down. You’re cruising down a 2-lane rural road in the southern part of the States near the Gulf Coast.  You see an endless green blur, millions of corn stalks in huge fields.  It is so humid that no matter what you touch [click to continue…]


Finnish Cinnamon Buns

If you like cardamom, you’ll fall in love with these Finnish Cardamom-Cinnamon Buns.

Some cinnamon rolls are big puffs of sponges bursting with cinnamon; these are not them.  These buns quietly invite you to slowly release the delicate cardamom and cinnamon aromas, layer by [click to continue…]


Fragrant Soy Sauce Chicken

Like playful romances with quick starts and crawling slows, it’s all about a chance to better know each other.

Liquids are partnered at first sight, all bringing something different to the party.

A hunk of smashed ginger is added to keep things interesting.

Come on over, Sweet One!  [click to continue…]



No special equipment needed.  No fillers, no thickeners, nothing artificial.

Making yogurt is easier than you think – just 2 ingredients and 2 steps. And a little time.  Making Greek yogurt is just a step beyond and a bit more time.

Two ingredients:  [click to continue…]


Spicy Thai EggplantHave you been putting off your relationship with eggplants?  Do you find yourself looking at them on your kitchen counter without a clue on where to start?

Make this flavorful Thai Spicy Eggplant dish and you and eggplants will be friends forever.  Who knows?  You may end up actually eating the ones you grow. [click to continue…]


Caramel Ice Cream SauceBourbon.  Browned butter.  Brown sugar.

The three brothers come together to make a rich and boozy caramel sauce that quickly turns plain vanilla ice cream into an elegant sweet.

Makes a cooling hot afternoon treat.  Or [click to continue…]