Fried Rice v2Fried Rice.  A popular dish requested in Chinese restaurants, and that seems to perplex the cooks in the back of the house.  After all, fried rice is leftover rice. Why are customers ordering leftovers?  And the boss wants leftover rice for the next day? [click to continue…]

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Pasta Carbonara v1Just strolling through Sambucca di Siclia’s weekly street market can make you hungry. [click to continue…]



Red Door

Sambuca di Sicilia, a town nestled in the western part of Sicily in the Province of Agrigento, is home to slightly over 6,000 residents.   [click to continue…]


White Cut Chicken v1

A good chicken doesn’t need much.

Bok Jom Gai, literally means White Cut Chicken, a simply poached dish that often shows up on the dinner table for celebrations.  To honor guests or for special occasions, Cantonese cooks try get their hands on a fresh, free-range, brown-feathered chicken that’s known for the best flavor.  When they find one, poaching is the cooking method they’d choose 95% of the time.  If the feet and head come attached [click to continue…]


Shankari EaswaranMasala Dosa, a crepe made from rice and lentils, and filled with spiced smashed potatoes is a favorite of Gin’s Kitchen when dining at south Indian restaurants.

So when we learned that cooking instructor and Sacramento Spice food blogger Shankari Easwaran was teaching a dosa workshop at the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, we knew it was an evening we couldn’t miss.  In an earlier class we learned about southern Indian curries from Shankari. We enjoy the memories of her childhood and stories of those who cooked for her as much as her hands-on classes. [click to continue…]



Strawberries and Cream Sponge Cake Roll

Lightly sweetened sponge cake.  Fresh strawberries.  Whipped cream.  Waits for you in the fridge for a day or two.  Really?  A filled sponge cake roll you can make ahead and serve at your convenience? [click to continue…]