Chocolate TrioIf your relationship with your microwave is simply to reheat leftovers or hasten defrosting frozen packages, now is the time to talk sweet to it.

You and your microwave can turn out these three chocolate treats in no time flat.  No standing over the stove watching, no constant stirring, no thermometers.  [click to continue…]


Cantonese Style Cbicken Noodle SoupRunning around a lot this time of year?  Running after the kids, dashing in and out of stores, and dodging sneezes and coughs?

Also running out of time?  You’ll need wholesome nourishment to help you keep the pace.

[click to continue…]


Tuxedo Spice Plllows 1Cinnamon, cloves, orange, and chocolate – flavors and aromas that float us into winter holiday cookie nirvana.  These plump Spice Pillows have it all plus they may be the best looking nibbles on your dessert tray.

In areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil, instead of butter,  [click to continue…]


Brownie DessertFor years, the California milk industry has advertised that milk from California comes from happy cows.  Do content cows produce better tasting cheese?

The Giacomini Family at Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company thinks so! [click to continue…]


Adobo Chicken 1

“Add fish sauce.”

“Fish sauce?”

“Yeah, nam pla, the kind the Thais use.  I use it in everything.”

“Fermented fish sauce?”

“Don’t ask how they make it.  You don’t want to know.”  (If you really want to know…) [click to continue…]


Cucidati 1My bestie, Sue is half Norwegian and all Italian.

I love the snapshots of her Italy – the food, her family, and the words Italians use to describe life.  Around the winter holidays she talks about her Grandpa Cacioppo’s cucidati, Sicilian Christmas cookies. [click to continue…]