pt Valentine Lemon Butter Cookie

Oops!  Is that holiday almost here?   Are you almost out of time but you want to give something that says “I think you’re special”? [click to continue…]


Sesame Seed Peanut Candy

In Cantonese, fah saang is peanut, jee-ma is sesame seed, and tong is candy.

Pop off the lid to a tin of this peanut sesame seed candy and catch your nose swoons over the rich nutty aromas.  [click to continue…]


buttercrunch toffee

Chocolate. Buttercrunch.  Toffee.  These delicious words sound crunchy and nutty and oh, so good!  And this candy is all of that!

Most people think that making candy is complicated or takes a long time.  Some sweets are fussy but this recipe isn’t one of those. [click to continue…]


Seeds and Rye Bread v1

Nutritious, flavorful, and easy to make.  What more can you ask from a loaf of bread?  More?

What about a finished loaf of bread, using yeast, in less than 3 hours from start to finish?  Or that No Knead 3 + 3 Bread can help you get over your bread yeast anxiety.  And it doesn’t want to be kneaded.

Seriously, no kneading? [click to continue…]


Pineapple Daikon Kimchi

Your body is unbelievable.  It’s constantly on alert – looking out and doing battle to keep intruders from taking over – as it maintains you as that “well-oiled machine.”  It’s like Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and Food and Drug Administration synchronized [click to continue…]


Grand Marnier MarmaladeWhat’s your favorite lazy morning breakfast?

Often in this house, it’s a thick slice of sourdough, toasted crisp on the edges, buttered, and topped with a dollop of orange marmalade.  With a steaming mug of coffee and the morning paper, a breakfast like this can be the best escape of the day.

This orange marmalade recipe is chunky with the mildly bitter pith balanced with just enough sugar but not too much.  The bonus is the addition of a tablespoon of orange liqueur per jar.  The alcohol sizzles and quickly evaporates when the hot marmalade meets the liqueur – the mellow result is a richer orange flavor.

Here’s some tips to help ensure the best marmalade:  find the brightest citrus for the best color.  Since the entire fruit is cooked (skin, pith, pulp), organic citrus is recommended (trusted backyard citrus are good candidates).  Navel oranges are preferred because of their firmer texture; juicy Valencias are a good substitute (results in less pulp). The recipe uses a lemon, either Meyer or Eureka, to provide flavor contrast.  Use Meyer if the oranges are not particularly sweet, and Eureka if they are.

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