Sourdough Biscuits with JamBraised buffalo humps, Elderflower wine, and sourdough – these are all tried and true culinary staples in Bob Peckinpah’s first cookbook “Recipes from Peckinpah Mountain.”  Bob, an avid horseman who was at home on the range, was known to deliver effortless meals cooked over a campfire (often for large, rowdy groups) that included [click to continue…]


Almond Float

Almond Float. Almond Velvet Pudding. In Cantonese, this refreshing treat is called hing-yun tofu, almond tofu.

Culinary history points to almond tofu originating in China.  Originally, agar-agar was used as the coagulating agent to which finely ground almonds were added resulting in a silky gelatinous pudding similar in [click to continue…]


Chicken CurryA sauce that has a thousand faces, whether red, yellow or green, thick or thin, curry is a never ending combination of flavors and aromas.  With one bite, a curry can whiz your taste buds into overdrive – what a delicious sensation!

If you don’t yet have a go-to curry recipe, creating your own can appear daunting for the ingredients list is as long as the double-digit cooking steps. Lucky you!  [click to continue…]


Bourbon Tomato JamDid you know that Sacratomato is a favorite nickname for California’s capital city?   Due to the warm and dry summers and autumns, tomatoes keep ripening for several months in the Valley.  Sacramento even has a Sacratomato week in July where restaurants highlight tomatoes on their menus.

And where there’s tomatoes, there’s tomato worms.  [click to continue…]


Shrimp Corn Cakes II

Summer - how hot does it get in your part of the world?

The sun is setting. Imagine the car’s air conditioner not working so you’re driving with the car windows down. You’re cruising down a 2-lane rural road in the southern part of the States near the Gulf Coast.  You see an endless green blur, millions of corn stalks in huge fields.  It is so humid that no matter what you touch [click to continue…]


Finnish Cinnamon Buns

If you like cardamom, you’ll fall in love with these Finnish Cardamom-Cinnamon Buns.

Some cinnamon rolls are big puffs of sponges bursting with cinnamon; these are not them.  These buns quietly invite you to slowly release the delicate cardamom and cinnamon aromas, layer by [click to continue…]